It's hard to find anywhere else in the world that compares with the wilderness of Inari. Its four sharply contrasting seasons provide unforgettable experiences: the midnight sun of summer, the blazing colours of autumn, the dazzling white snow and ice of winter, and the awakening of nature in spring. Inari is actively growing on the terms of nature. Inari's strength lies in its mighty and magnificent nature that we cherish with all our heart.

With a surface area of more than 17,000km2, Inari is the largest municipality in Finland. Lake Inari accounts for more than half of its 2,000 of lakes and rivers. Nestled between its thousands of lakes and islands are hundreds of majestic fells that shape its landscape.

The attractions of Northern Lapland are based on the culture and nature of the region.
The entire region is a living area of the indigenous Sámi. The Siida Sámi Museum and Northern Lapland Nature Centre in the village of Inari is the most significant place of interest telling of the culture and life of northern peoples.


Saariselkä Resort is located in the Municipality of Inari in Northern Lapland. It is a compact village by the Urho Kekkonen National Park and surrounded by fell highlands. The best-known of Saariselkä’s fells is Kaunispää at a height of 438 metres, which may be easily conquered on foot, by car or ski lift.

Saariselkä is a cluster of services and activities, yet only a couple of steps from the peace and tranquillity of the wilderness. You don’t need a car in Saariselkä: everything from the ski centre to nature trails, spa, hotels and restaurants are all within walking distance. Thanks to good travel connections, other unique destinations of Northern Lapland are easy to reach.

Saariselkä holds accommodation for up to 13,500 visitors. The Alko off licence, post office and medicine dispensary can be found from Saariselkä’s department store, Kuukkeli, and Saariselkä Holiday Club has an ATM. The nearest chemist and health centre are located in the village of Ivalo. The population of Saariselkä is approximately 350.

The most significant wintertime activity services in the region are cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, snowmobiling, husky and reindeer safaris. Activity services that are becoming increasingly popular are curling, snowshoe hiking and winter driving programmes at the Action Park. One of the more exotic experiences is ice swimming! 

During periods of no snow cover, the area is popular with hiker, Nordic walkers, mountain bikers and gold panners. In addition, the waterways are ideal for canoeing, white water rafting and fishing.

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