Where else can you see the crown of the king of Finland? And where else can you cruise an ice-covered sea in the dead of winter on a large icebreaker and swim in the freezing cold water without getting wet? Or where can you dine and stay overnight in a SnowCastle – let alone get married in one? In Kemi, the City of Snow and Sea!

Kemi is also a cruise destination, with several foreign ocean liners with their thousands of passengers visiting the town each year. For them, the northern part of the Gulf of Bothnia and the magic of the midnight sun are unforgettable experiences.

Kemi can, with good reason, be awarded the title of the winter travel destination on the shore of the northern Gulf of Bothnia. With the SnowCastle that has beenbuilt every year for over ten years now, and the icebreaker cruises and winter safari services available. The ice and snow cover of the sea sparkling in the late winter sunshine offers fantastic surroundings for cross-country skiing.

Check Sampo Icebreaker excursions in Kemi HERE! It is possibe to make day tours from Rovaniemi to Kemi.

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