Pyhä-Luosto is a diverse entirety comprising two fell resorts and located only 90 minutes’ drive from Rovaniemi and the Arctic Circle. Visitors to Pyhä-Luosto can enjoy the nature of Finland’s southernmost fell range in the national park, on the quality maintained cross-country and downhill skiing conditions, as well as at the only Amethyst Mine in Europe that welcomes visitors. One quality the area shares is the unhurried atmosphere, genuine Lappishness and modern tourist services combined with active holidaymakers to make a pleasant entirety. Pyhä and Luosto are located close to one another – in fact so close that a visitor can easily use the services of both resorts.  With Rovaniemi nearby, it is also possible to combine a visit to Santa Claus Village or the Rovaniemi city itself.

Luosto is the ideal destination for those looking for pure nature and the peace of a small village
In Luosto you will be able to enjoy memorable experiences and safaris in pure untouched surroundings.  Drive your own
snowmobile, become a real musher riding your own husky sledge, or feel like a Sámi riding your own reindeer pulled sledge, just like in the old days!  Snowshoes excursions in the beautiful National Park are also highly recommended.

As Luosto is a very small village with almost no light pollution Northern Lights displays can be seen at their best.

The Amethyst mine, located in the hill of Lampivaara, is one of the main attractions in Luosto. Climbing the hill will offer you some of the most amazing views in Lapland, with an immense forest and fells. In the Amethyst mine visitors get an introduction about this mineral and they all have the chance to dig for their own lucky stone.

Pyhä has 150km of cross country tracks, connected to nearby Luosto, and with some of the trails floodlit. A 12km long route around the ski area and through the National Park is particularly rewarding for its scenic beauty, but should not be attempotred by novices as because of the National Park, the track cannot be groomed, which makes it even more interesting and challenging for experienced cross-country skiers.

The Finnish Ski Resort of Pyhä is one of the larger Ski Resorts in Finland and has direct access to 36km of downhill skiing, with 10 individual pistes, served by 7 ski lifts.

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