Rovaniemi is the hometown of Santa Claus and Christmas magic can be experienced every day of the year in places like Santa Claus Village and Santapark. Rovaniemi is synonym with Christmas and here, you can meet Santa Claus every day of the year. There are several Christmas-themed locations with festive atmosphere in the Rovaniemi area. As the cultural capital of Lapland, Rovaniemi is home to Lapland's Provincial Museum Arktikum as well as the Lapland Forestry Museum, the Pilke Science Centre, the Chamber Orchestra of Lapland, and the Korundi House of Culture which also houses the Rovaniemi Museum of Art.


Historically, Rovaniemi has always been considered a gateway to Lapland and a meeting place for people and cultures of the north. Rich local heritage is evident in everyday life and displayed in several facilities and institutions. Within ten kilometres of the city centre, you can find undisturbed nature and a busy international airport. The colours of Rovaniemi speak to Finland and Europe about a northern and Arctic culture and people that are perfectly adapted to nature.


Animals are an essential part of the Lappish wilderness. It is not uncommon to spot smaller wild animals in and around Rovaniemi, but if you want to be completely sure you don't miss our furry friends, you'll be sure to see them in Ranua Wildlife Park (Zoo) that specialises in Arctic fauna; its ‘royal residents’ are the mighty polar bears and their cousins, the Finnish brown bears. Or at the various reindeer and husky farms around Rovaniemi.


Bordering on the Arctic, Rovaniemi is an exotic place of snow and ice. You can even eat and sleep in buildings made of these chilly materials! For obvious reasons, Lappish snow-how is top class and several constructions in and around Rovaniemi stand as testimony to it. At the top of the heap are large constructions that provide everything from playgrounds to saunas and accommodation built out of snow and ice.


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