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Forest Manor is located in the forest in peaceful surroundings close to Arctic Circle, and it is a long-standing feature in the history of Northern Finland. It is a grand old manor, originally designed by Jarl Eklund as the primary residence of a captain of a factory owner. Later the building renovated to its current form - a restaurant. In the restaurant there is space for 360 customers.

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The magical Joulukka lets you savour a delicious lunch or dinner spiced with memorable programmes. Rich in atmosphere, the Iso-Tokka Restaurant lies deep within the forest. The Iso-Tokka Restaurant seats 120 persons indoors and the outdoor terrace seats another 40 persons.
For more intimate or smaller gatherings we also recommend the Tokka Lappish Tepee, where tasty meals will serve in the glow of the open fire.

The furnishings are genuine Lappish handicraft and materials such as Lappish wood, reindeer horns and reindeer leather feature strongly in the design. A visit to restaurant Nili is a combination of tastes, scents and atmosphere. In the restaurant you can watch skilled and cheerful staff at work through the open kitchen shutters. Cornerstones are pure Lappish and Finnish ingredients and the food is prepared with heart and soul from start to finish.

100 years old log building, is today restaurant with lot of mystical and old Lappish spirit. It's situated approx. 14 km from Rovaniemi, on the banks of the Ounasjoki River in the midst of nature. You can get there by coach all year round and also by snowmobiles in winter and by traditional riverboats in summer. Reservations beforehand.

The unique atmosphere of Santamus on the Arctic Circle offers its visitors an unforgettable experience, even for those who have already seen it all. The purl of a brook, the pond and its trout and the glow of burning firewood in the dark create such an ambience that the guests can hardly believe it true. The spirit of Santamus combines the peace of the wilderness, playfulness and the joy of giving. Santamus could well be described as a “restaurant of sensations”, tempting all five senses. In the midst of our hectic lifestyles, Santamus allows you to pause, calm your mind and put all your senses to use.

For bigger events & dinners, "Get Together Partys". Santa Claus has his own home cave where bustle of the elves continues all year round. From the entrance the visitors walk through a mysterious passage, which leads them into marvelous adventures inside the cosy cave. Surprise your customers and your guests, certainly a different place to spend an evening.

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Spend a magical evening in Snow land Igloo restaurant: The dinner will serve in igloo, sitting comfortably on reindeer skins as the seats and tables are made of ice! The interior is lit up with storm lanterns and candles, the ceiling features a starlit sky and the ice sculptures decorate the restaurant.  Enjoy a bowl of delicious steaming soup, Lapland´s exotic dishes and exciting taste experiences of Snow land´s own menu. Reservations beforehand.


Sámi turf gammi or hut built into the ground. With its unique atmosphere, the Sámi Gammi offers traditional Lapland delicacies by an open fire. Exotic joikha music and tales of Lapland accompany dinner and supper in the restaurant.

Cozy Riihi restaurant serves Lappish food and personal service. It’s very nice dinner place for the bigger and smaller groups. Situated 3km from Levi ski resort. Reservations beforehand.

Heavenly tastes, glimmering stars and mysticism of Lapland – a surprising and mystical restaurant closer to heaven! Restaurant Sky offers a heavenly taste journey with delicacies from the North. Enjoy magnificent view of Levi and Pallas fells. On the ceiling there are thousands of twinkling stars, the walls has decorated with birches. In the restaurant there are five break-out rooms for 10 - 40 persons. The rooms can be booked for meetings or meals.


Kaamoskammi, built from the massive logs, is a safe, dim nest and it is almost entirely cloaking in snow during the winter. Let time come to a standstill in windowless Kaamoskammi where you can curl up and listen to the whispering fells. Your meal will make from the pure ingredients of Lapland cooked over the blaze of an open fire. Dining facilities: seating for 120 persons.

The best way to experience the atmosphere of Lapland is dining in cosy Kota - restaurant.
Open fire and reindeer hides keep you warm. Food prepared on the open fire make your mouth water. Kota is suitable for 15-50 people.


The heart of the tee pee-type Lapp building is the fireplace, creating an especially warm atmosphere. Great place when you want to have private dinner, to groups of 6 - 45 persons.

Restaurant Iisakki´s House welcomes you to have a Christmas party, a memorable family celebration or an evening party in a very traditional setting. The reindeer ranch style Iisakki´s House offers delicious Finnish meals in a genuine atmosphere – like it was “in the past”.

Kontioluola (Kontio Cave) is an underground restaurant even for 350 people!
Restaurant situated 5 km (10 minutes driving by bus) from Ruka in the middle of an old spruce forest.
An eternal atmosphere, a large fire, hundreds of candles and quietly playing relaxing music all create an unforgettable setting for meetings and dinners.

Vanha Karhu is a gourmet restaurant in the central Ruka area. This restaurant is famous for delicious meals that are specialties of this county, prepared right from the beginning to the end in restaurants own kitchen.
Also available for private events like fairytale weddings! Seats for 120.

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