Amethyst mine at Pyhä-Luosto is among the most beautiful places in Lapland. The open scenery from the top of Lampivaara hill is breath-taking. The company values of the Mining Company Arctic Amethyst Ltd are exceptional. All work on the mine is doing respecting the nature and the environment. Amethyst is a purple variation of quartz and very hard mineral. Amethyst jewel will never be scored or tarnish. The luster of it will always remain. The amethyst in Lampivaara was form deep in the bowels of the earth about 2,000 million years ago. Glacial periods, one after another, eroded the mountain above and brought the deposit on the face of the fell. The best part of Lampivaara amethyst has classified as gemstone.
At Lampivaara Amethyst mine the visitors are guided to the fascinating world of amethyst. Each visitor will dig a personal lucky amethyst to take with. The Amethyst Mine is located on top of Lampivaara mountain just 5 km from Luosto village centre.

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Usually the idea of mining is not easily connected to sustainability or the peace of Nature.
At Pyhä-Luosto recreation area there is however a gem mine that is exceptional in many aspects. Even if the deposit is the richest in Europe and even if there is a remarkable demand for the Lappish amethyst, all digging work at the mine is manual.

During the summer months the sun does not set at all. If you want to experience the midnight sun on top of an ancient fell and learn about air, sun, stones, rocks, winds and fells – join The Midnight Treasure. ”Midnight Treasure” is an exciting experience at the Amethyst Mine during the late hours. At the mine you hear stories, dig stones and sit around open fire and enjoy sausages. Around the midnight there is a guided walk back to Luosto.

The Pyhä-Luosto fells are the roots of ancient mountains. Throughout the history these fells have been sacred to indigenous Sami people and there are several special and extraordinary places. Sacred Walk is a guided hike over the hills and through untouched forest to the Amethyst Mountain. Along the way you get a drink of fresh water from a mountain creek, see extra-ordinary trees, huge anthills and perhaps some forest animals. The guide tells about the area, its nature and history. You'll learn how Forest Sami people made fire and what their sacred animals were. In the forest it is easy to locate places of peace and power.

At Amethyst Mountain we visit amethyst cave and hear the stories of the purple amethyst. The peak of the Sacred Walk is to dig and find a personal lucky stone. That ancient piece of gemstone is 2 billion years old and will be yours for ever.


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